People enjoy more personal freedom and can make better choices about their lives if they learn to handle their money sensibly. Just as a financially sound company has more opportunity to do great things than a strapped and worried organization does, so a financially sound person has more opportunity to act imaginatively and expansively.

Certainly, money is not an end but means; a means to help make the most out of ourselves by being able to pay for education, travel, medical care and a worry-free retirement. the more we earn, quite obviously, the more we can spend to enhance and secure the lives of ourselves and of our families, to enrich our communities, to aid our favorite causes.

The more we save and invest, the more we also provide the seed capital that helps create new enterprises and jobs.

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Rate Option

Adjustable-Rate Option Municipals

A rather new investment that allows you to earn tax-free income without tying up your money for more than a year is the adjustable-rate option bond. It is a long-term municipal bond, but the interest rates it pays are adjusted annually- up or down-to whatever the current market rate is. and once a year or, in a few cases more often, you will have the option to cash in the bond and collect what you paid for it.

adjustable-rate option bonds, sold by many brokerage firms, were paying about one-half of the percentage point more than tax exempt money-market funds in mid-1986. True, the adjustable-rate yield was about three points below the rate available on conventional long-term municipal bonds. But investors in those regular bonds have no assurance of getting back the full amount they have invested if they sell out early.

If you plan to hold onto your tax-free bond for many years, you are probably best of buying a regular municipal bond. But if you think you will need more money back in a year, you might be well advised to consider adjustable-rate option bonds.

Your Money

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Investing In Stock Index Options

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Which Economic Indicators To Watch?

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Keep Your Eye On Investing

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TIPS Given the cold shoulder

Wall Street Journal

Investors bought $11 billion in five-year Treasury inflation-protected securities, or TIPS, the first of a series of auctions that will bring an additional ... see all stories on this topic.

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